Sunday, May 06, 2007

Just minutes ago, some more China ATM material was sold on Ebay
(1) button set (8v blue, Y5.40 black), $1025.50
(2) domestic card, Y0.60 black, $38.00
(3) HK, Y2.00 blue, $460.00
(4) domestic R-cover Y2.80 black, $153.50
(5) Thailand, Y3.70 blue, $709.00
(6) Greece, Y4.20 blue, $510.05
(7) Germany, Y6.40 blue, $921.00
(8) white test ATM, black imprint, Y0.30, $393.88

And guess who bough that stuff? Right, Joe from HK aka popmusiker. What the heck is he doing with tons of the same stuff?


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