Monday, August 28, 2006

And two more:
Taiwan, Nagler CKS Memorial Hall, blue printing (7/28/06), MNH: $99.
This has been bought by my "friend" Shih-Jung Lee (check out:

(2) China, two MNH ATM (blue and black) (8/21/06): $86.

And now some recent German ATM:
(1) "Blaue Münchener", blue printing, various covers: 823 Euro.
(2) "Blaue Münchener", blue printing, MNH, button set (14 ATM): 2038 Euro.

And some other more recent stuff:
(1) China Nagler, white test paper, black printing, MNH: $203.50
(2) China Nagler, blue printing, airmail cover: $598.
(3) China Nagler, blue printing, button set, MNH: $960 .

I am back with some more interesting items sold on Ebay

Top: China meter cover: $898.88 (8/27/06)
Bottom: China meter cover. Price was over $500. I forgot, but I try to find the final price...