Sunday, May 06, 2007

Just minutes ago, some more China ATM material was sold on Ebay
(1) button set (8v blue, Y5.40 black), $1025.50
(2) domestic card, Y0.60 black, $38.00
(3) HK, Y2.00 blue, $460.00
(4) domestic R-cover Y2.80 black, $153.50
(5) Thailand, Y3.70 blue, $709.00
(6) Greece, Y4.20 blue, $510.05
(7) Germany, Y6.40 blue, $921.00
(8) white test ATM, black imprint, Y0.30, $393.88

And guess who bough that stuff? Right, Joe from HK aka popmusiker. What the heck is he doing with tons of the same stuff?

Hi everyone,
more China stuff recently sold on Ebay:
(1) China 1950 (15.IV.) airmail cover to Switzerland with red Shanghai meter mail and cds to left, Canton transit backstamp $150.00
(2) ATM blue and black, $36.00
(3) blue ATM cover, domestic, $132.50